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Full set (extra volume) 150€
This treatment gives your eyelashes an extra voluminous mascara look.
Treatment time: around 1.5 hours

Half set (natural) 90€
This treatment covers around 50% of your lashes and gives you a natural mascara look.
Treatment time: around 45 min-1h

3D-6D Hollywood Style (Ultra volume) 250€
This treatment gives your eyelashes an ultra voluminous look. (300 to 700 lashes per eye)
Treatment time: around 2 hours

Swift eyelash extensions 65€
Enhance your eyelashes in short time. Eyelashes must be completely removed after 2 weeks.
Treatment time: around 30 min

Eyelash corner flicks 50€
Exaggerate the outer corners of your eyes.
Treatment time: around 30min

Lower eyelash extensions 30€
Perfect with full or half set of eyelash extensions to give you a dramatic look.
Treatment time: around 30min

Eyelash extension Removal 20€

Coloured eyelash extensions and eyelash gems
If you want to stand out and look fashionable, we can add some colour and spark to your lashes. We have eyelash extensions and lash gems in different colour range.
Coloured lashes 20€
Lash gems 15€

Maintenance semi-permanent eyelash extension:
30 Minutes  50€
45 Minutes  65€
60 Minutes  80€

Maintenance 3D-6D semi-permanent eyelash extension:
45 Minutes  75€
60 Minutes  90€

Eyebrow treatments:
Threading-tweezing  eyebrows/upper lip 15€
Tinting 15€
Styling (tinting, threading, styling eyebrow shape) 50€
(NEW) Brow Lift – Eyebrow lamination and tinting  90€

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